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Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World

Da Mo'Nique Sherri A. McGee, Whoopi Goldberg,
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Now in paperback, popular comedienne and television star Mo'Nique tells us how to be a big woman in a small woman's world.It is NO secret that I am a BIG girl.Always have been, always will be.The only way I'll ever wear a size 6, or even a 16, is if you add them together. That's right: I wear a size 22. And I'm proud, because I wear it well.Hell, even Ray Charles and


Mingche Deross

I was disappointed by this book. Instead of empowering women to feel beautiful, it was more about making Mo'nique seem beautiful. It seemed to imply everyone who isn't fat is malnourished and anorexic. It implied that people who work-out are shallow and stuck-up. More than once she describes women as EITHER skinny OR healthy. The book makes being overweight seem like an ideal, while barely acknowledging the health problems that can accompany being overweight. The book glorifies overeating and laziness, and even gets a little anti-feminist. She made no attempt to eliminate sizeism, she merely tried to turn it around to make thinner women seem disgusting.
Oakman Duchene

ALL HAIL MO'NIQUE! The Queen has spoken, and it is good!

First off: this book packs a punch. Mo'nique defends her fellow FAT girls, and she makes no apologies for being big. As she posits: If thin women can love themselves for their size, why can't we BIG girls do it too? I just love how she takes the words BIG and FAT and owns them. It's so refreshing to see big women being praised and loved, not looked down on or hidden away.

If you are the kind of person that makes snide remarks about a woman's weight, or does that fake "being overweight causes health problems for them" crap, don't read this book. Like I said, Mo doesn't apologize or make excuses. As a bigger girl who was made fun of for her weight growing up, this book was like the Holy Grail. I flew through it. And in true Mo'Nique fashion, she peppered it with anecdotes and tips.

Simply put, Mo'Nique is awesome. I could hear her voice in my head as I read this book. Overall, though, this wasn't meant to be an award-winning book. That's what I loved about it: it was funny as hell, easy to read, and something to pick up when you're in between books or in a book slump. Still, the message is a serious one, and Mo'Nique served it right up with a heaping side of humor. I also enjoyed the insight into her life and the challenges she overcame as a BIG girl.

BIG GIRLS ARE TAKING OVER! We're here and we're not going anywhere, so get used to it!

Dibb Mcgiboney

I figured I'd really like this book. I like Mo'nique. I think she's gorgeous and carries herself well and is hysterical. The book was good for the most part if you're not looking for anything deep. It's mainly a 200 page comedy routine that focuses on being fat.

It took me awhile to get used to the "voice" which is just naturally Mo'Nique. Though hearing her is great, reading her is a little different. There were a few points I didn't actually agree with her on, like her theories on big woman/big man couples and her outlook on working out (when I do it, I usually enjoy it). And none of the skinny girls I know are evil, unless they're evil behind my back, but I've alwasy been blessed with great friends of all sizes.

Overall, the book was cute and I have to admit that Mo'Nique's "I'm all that" attitude tends to be contagious. I had a few "That's right...check out my big sexy ass" moments while reading it.
Helman Miserendino

A lot of gut checks in this read. The language and us vs. them perspective wasn’t my favorite but some of it was true to reality and above all Monique is unapologetic and I can respect that.
Rahman Pursifull

" Skinny Women VS Big Women “

“If you think I’m “ too big “ for you than I assume you don’t have the proper equipment for the job anyway “ . See this is a quote for the BIG girls out there . I say that because it has to do with this bomb book called “ Skinny Women Are Evil “ . BY the author Mo’nique and Sherri A . McGee . This book is so astonishing mane like it is breathtaking for unique girls /women out there . So go check it out if not just stay for what I got to say about this book cause its some deep stuff .
This novel is shortly about an actress that grow up being a chunky girl . She was teased and made fun of by her so called “ friends “ who were skinnier than her and also by her family . Well , you know how siblings are when they get mad at each other and call one another names . Any who but even though she was called names and stuff . She grow up and since then she wanted all big girls like her . who are having a hard time with girls who are skinnier than them , rude , and cruel . To them to know that they need to get out of those girls shadows and into to the light . Because it’s time for the big women to take the crown .
This book is inspiring book for me because it motivates BIG women stay strong and make sure they are shining like the stars they are . Which in cording to Mo’nique they shouldn’t let the skinny women push them out the way and take the spotlight for themselves . The chunky women should get some light too and this book is pretty good because it made me realize that I love how I look . Even if I got extra meat on my bones . I mean God made me the way I am . And I should be fine with that . Because Mo’nique sure is happy with her chunky but yet beautiful outlook on herself .
My connection with the book is that I was too a big girl . I Kind of still am but it’s more like I’m thick than big . Any way I was called F.A.T and a thing that me and Mo’nique have in common is we was both called or was asked was we or we look pregnant . As a good person I was back then and still and I didn’t need to be treated that way or addressed like that . I mean I too wanted to change and loss a couple of pounds . Because I thought I was F.A.T and ugly but you know what though . Once I read this I realized that being skinny ain't all for me but being big isn’t but hey some people can rock some things . And you know what I can rock being a big girl and it’s okay . That you love food shoot I do too and you don’t have to be ashamed of that it’s just who you are you can’t really change unless you really want to but god gave you that beautiful body for a reason so just stay yourself don’t change cause some mean and skinnier girl said some thing .
And in my conclusion this book “ skinny women are evil “. Produces good structure of confidence and strength because a strong independent black big women tries to get other big women . To try to protest against skinny women and in this is massive back and forth on how skinny women can be evil . But before I end this the thing I learned from this don’t let yourself think you ugly just because you F.A.T . Just pick your head up and just pick up this book and fell better beautiful people.
Jagir Vanbeck

Skinny women are evil
Entertaining, exhilarating, and exciting. That’s what describes the book skinny women are evil by famous actress and comedian Monique. From the beginning of her life to the glamorous start of fame “skinny women are evil” was an extremely good book and not only is it a big girl empowerment story but is a morale or theme you can say that tells you to love yourself for who you are. The three main things about the story that stood out to me was its extremely hilarious comedy, the tips and points of life, and the rawness through out the entire story

When I read the story all I did was laugh. Monique cursed a lot in the story but that wasn’t funny. The fact that she was real and she was able to make fun of herself and those around her made the story very enjoyable. She joked around a lot like talking about how fat she was or how skinny the girls around her were, her unique comedy was evident throughout the story and made the story unlighted

What I also liked about the story was her experiences and how she turned them to good things. I liked it because I could relate to it, like Monique I’m somewhat have a big person, but I’m also a live, spontaneous person and that’s why I liked the story because Monique is the same way. Her stories and actions made her who she is and was the icing on the cake in the story.

What made the story a five star one was how raw Monique really was. Comedy and experience were very strong jabs, but the amount of rawness in the story was the knockout punch that could of knock out anyone (even Roy Jones junior) she was so raw that it enhance every part of the story. She was real with it. When she was relating experiences and telling her side of life she was very raw to the point that it made me not want to pit the book down

Five stars is what I rated this story. With the comedy, rawness, and the experiences Monique put together a story that will blow you out of this world. I recommend that you go out and gay yourself a copy, it’ll help you to see a different tide of someone else’s life as well as give you a few laughs every now and then.

Zosi Ehret

"...Can't we all just get along?" ...Must admit how relieved I was to find out (according to Mo's account of Skinny) all Skinny's weren't EVIL. By Chapter Three I was on my way... inspired, moved, and of course laughing as fully expected. The relationship with her brother Steve is to savor. The stunt her son played on her and how she handled it... just too funny, as well as that "you go sit with Gerald," smart-A comment. Cried laughing picturing it. And the "f" thing, as in how to keep a man, now that one had me dancing around. Two "f's" out of three, thought I scored pretty high. Too tickled here, and numerous other spots where Mo'Nique wouldn't let up off the humor. So, pass the Courvoisier... working it, treasuring it, and walking with it! Loved it!
Raskind Erdelyi

Rented this to listen to just for kicks. At it's heart, this is a book about self-acceptance and diversity. These aspects of it were good. My problem with it comes in with the fact that it isn't really...body positive. Thin women are pretty insistently ridiculed, and while I get that it comes from a place of giving bigger girls an attempted body-positive message, I don't agree with sacrificing one type of body-positivity for the sake of another. Mo'nique's comments about accepting your curves if you're still working out moderately and not being overly-gluttonous were well-put I think, and I loved parts of this audiobook that focused on those types of stories (I was entertained by her retelling of her own body issues in Hollywood) but overall this fell a bit flat.
Bullen Bouleris

this book was okay. although i am a large women i didn't relate to it as much as i had expected to. my favorite chapter was the chapter on sex, it made me laugh out loud. i don't think fluffy is a good description of an overweight person, it doesn't make sense to me, i get it, it's just stupid and so it was annoying to see mo'nique refer to obese people as fluffy. otherwise, it's an easy read and does help in boosting confidence.
Nahshunn Standeven

Ok, so it's not the height of literary excellence. I bought it after "walking off" a BBQ feast a friend and I treated ourselves to and it was exactly I needed to recover with. Sure, it's a little over the top at times, but it's fun - Mo'Nique being the Mo'Nique everyone's familiar with - and that was what I was looking for.
Cressy Droke

I spent a very enjoyable Friday night laughing out loud with Mo'Nique. I just read this book cover to cover and had myself a good time. Mo'Nique is outrageous and she speaks her mind, and I find her absolutely adorable and loveable. I loved all the personnal photos she includes in the book. Even my husband was laughing out loud when I read him the best parts!
Tarttan Lighty

I cried and laughed while reading this book. As a plus-sized woman in a world of skinny women, I too know how hard it is to function as person who has worth when those around you are telling you that you do not have worth because you are not skinny or thin. This book,like Cameron Manheim's "Wake Up! I'm Fat!" tells it like it is with humor and grace.
Monk Maw

Mo'Nique tells it like it is from a fat girl's perspective. This book kinda made me wish I was even fatter. The book is fuckin' hilarious, but that's to be expected since Mo'Nique wrote it. I also have Mo's cookbook. All the recipes sound awesome, but I can't cook.
Docile Knoeringer

This book is about Mo'nique having hatred about skinny women. Her experience with skinny women has caused her to write her whole book about skinny evil women and how they get more respect from people and how big women dont. I would recommand becausse its really funny
Borek Rubendall

I love this book because Mo'Nique talks about how she is Proud to be a F.A.T. woman (Fabulous and Thick) Or P.H.A.T (Pretty, Hot, And Thick) she makes you embrace what you look like on the outs side of your body and also teaches you that being skinny is not always a good thing.
Milore Paillet

I thought this book was going to be funny. But, I found Mo'Nique to be obnoxious and not funny. Maybe it's just me, but she rubbed me the wrong way.
Orlantha Sauser

Feeling down and out? Need a laugh? How about sitting back and letting Mo'Nique remind you why the fuck you rule and the world needs to accept that!
Ricardo Nodal

this was hilarious. before i lost all my weight I use to say mo you are real. I will be big forever. I will never be a skinny evil when i lose my weight. I kept my word girl!
Georgie Mycroft

This is a very inspirational book for the ones of you with low self esteem. Mo tells it like it is and then some....holding nothing back.
Branch Mantell

I loved this book when I first read it she is so silly and as serious as a heaert beat in this book and she is telling it like it need to be told.
Fidelity Layssard

I've always loved Mo'Nique. She's hilarious, real and inspiring. I admire her and all she has accomplished.
Dyna Elery

Good book... not the deepest book, and not incredibly well written, but lots of fun! And a good pick-me-up for those of us with a few curves on us.
Topper Nydam

I was in middle school when I read this. It was hilarious then but now I can't really get into Monique on stage or on paper.

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